BS7671 Cable size calculation software
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version 6.20
(to uprade from an older version please read the instructions on the HELP page of this site).

Once Cable-Mate has been downloaded you will need to Un-Zip the folder, Inside the folder there is a  'SET UP' program, double click on this set up program to install Cable-Mate.

For Windows 10 users: Right click on the set-up program and select 'Run as Administrator'
If presented with Windows smartscreen as below, click 'Run anyway'

System requirements:
Windows 7,
Windows 8,
Windows 10,
Windows Vista,
Windows XP - service pack 3
Internet connection
Microsoft.NET version 3.5 SP1
(screen size 1024 x 768 minimum)

(If there are any extra Windows files needed to run the software you will be prompted to download them via the internet direct from Microsoft, this for most users will not be required as they are already installed with most newer versions of Windows, please be patient if downloading these extra windows files.)

Once installed Cable-Mate will start for the first time, you will see the register screen, if you select the TRIAL button you will start the limited trial period of 5 uses. Whilst the program is in its trial mode you will not be able to print or save any calculations as this is reserved for Licenced users.

By using the software you agree to its licensing agreement which is viewable on the register screen.

Once the trial period is over you will not be able to use the program again unless you enter a valid REGISTRATION key.

Use the Buy a copy tab to purchase a licence, I will need your PRODUCT ID code that is generated on the REGISTER page of the software so that I can send you a REGISTRATION key to unlock the program.

Every computer will need its own registration key, the Product ID code will be different on every computer.
Registration keys are locked to the computer that generated the Product ID code and are not transferable
If you upgrade your computer then you will have to ask for a new registration key as this new Computer will have a different Product ID code.
All this is to help reduce piracy and to keep the cost of the software down

I have a 'Two computer licence' or an 'Eight computer licence' available to purchase only at the moment.

To remove Cable-Mate from your computer use the 'ADD and REMOVE' program option from the Control Panel and look down the list for Cable-Mate and click remove.


Cable-Mate  Electrical calculation software
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Every effort has been made to ensure this software is accurate, this software is 'as is'; I accept NO responsibility, all calculations should be checked accordingly 
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