BS7671 Cable size calculation software



Electrical calculation PC software

Calculate the correct copper cable size for your electrical installation.

Cable Calculations to the BS7671 18th edition regulations 2018.

Why spend valuable time looking through the regs book, looking up cable selection charts, when you could calculate cable sizes in seconds.

This software will calculate the minimum cable size for copper cables up to 1000mm².
It also allows you to:

Check Disconnection times,
Calculate Zs,
Check your measured R1+R2 values,
Check SWA cable R1+R2 values using the Armour as a CPC,
Calculate conduit sizes,
Calculate Trunking sizes,
select any cable from: Singlecore, Flex, SWA, Twin and Earth, SY flex,
YY flex, CY flex, HO7 RN F flex, Flexisheild, Profibus and CAT 5E cables.
Calculate voltdrop,(the software will automatically select a bigger cable if the voltdrop is too high)
Voltdrop: select from 1% solar, 3% lighting, 5% other or enter your own maximum value of voltdrop
Find SWA cleat and gland sizes,
Find maximum clipping distances,
Calculate the minimum cable bend radius,
Calculate conduit and trunking support distances,
Basic lighting design calculations,
Check Ring main length / resistances,
Basic Formula and conversion page,
Calculate Diversity,
Shows the minimum Earth CPC for the calculated cable size,
Motor calculations with fuse/MCB selector
- for three phase DOL started motors up to 15KW, three phase Star/Delta started motors up to 90KW and single phase DOL started motors up to 1.5KW,
Board Layout Creator, Visually / Graphically create your Single phase or Three phase consumer unit
and print it off complete with labels, a simple drag / double click operation to create your board. Laminate it and it will make a superb consumer unit schedule to leave with the customer, add it to your test result sheets for a professional look, great for students projects or job design. Ability to save and reload layouts.
R1+R2 voltdrop calculation, Calculate voltdrop using R1+R2 measued values to comply with the Test and Inspect voltdrop check requirements.(unarmoured cables up to 16mm only at present).
Ring Final cable calculations, Calculate basic cable size for your Ring Final circuit.
Printable Temprary Signs, Work safe, print off these signs as you need them, laminate them if needed
Parallel cable calculations, Parallel cable calculations for design currents larger than 200Amps, up to 185mm² two cables installed in parallel.
Minor Works Form, Trial to see what people think before I spend time on the others - let me know your thoughts, form is as set out in the regs book and is basic - no frills.....
Panel Layout creator, create a basic panel layout with contactors ,relays, overloads, power supplies. Create a button station layout with various stop/start buttons. Load a building plan and add installation symbols. And much more, Ability save these and reload them at a later date.

and more.

Cable sizes calculated for either 110v, 230v or 400v ac supply voltages, and the following protective devices:
BS88  fuse        -     6 amp to 800 amp
BS1361  fuse    -     5 amp to 100 amp
  fuse    -     13 amp

BS3036  fuse    -     5 amp to 100 amp
MCB   (BS EN 60898)  6 amp to 125 amp - Types B, C and D
MCB   (BS 3871)  5 amp to 50 amp - Types 1, 2 and 3

RCBO       -      6 amp to 125 amp
MCCB   -   Merlin Gerin NS100 - NS400  compact range to 400 amp
Square D  MCCB       SFA - SKA
to 400 amp

Square D  MCCB       CDAXE - TMD trip unit  to 160 amp
Square D  MCCB       CDAE -   to 100 amp
MEM memshield2 - F frame, J frame, K frame to 400 amp
CRABTREE  MCCB -      G-frame   25 amp to 125 amp
CRABTREE  MCCB -      F-frame    25 amp to 125 amp
WYLEX  MCCB -     NH125 G FRAME     20 amp to 125 amp
PROTEK  MCCB -  16   amp to 125 amp
PROTEUS  MCCB - MC    16 amp to 315 amp
HAGER  MCCB - X160 - HHA frame 16 amp to 160 amp
HAGER  MCCB - X160 - HDA frame 16 amp to 160 amp
SCHNEIDER  MCCB - NSX100 -  16 amp to 100 amp
SCHNEIDER  MCCB - NSX160 -  16 amp to 160 amp

                             MCCB disconnection times can be checked

     Cable types calculated:

Multicore - PVC or thermosetting  up to 240mm²

Single core - PVC or thermosetting  up to 240mm²

Twin & Earth  up to 16mm²

Armoured (SWA) - PVC or thermosetting - (multicore)  up to 240mm²

Armoured (SWA) - PVC or thermosetting - (singlecore) to 1000mm²

SY-flex, YY-flex, CY-flex  up to 25mm²

Standard Flexible cables  up to 4mm²

H07RN F-flex    (corrected to 60'C)  up to 25mm²

Flexishield  up to 6mm²

Tri-Rated cable (90'C)  up to 25mm²

Split-Concentric cable (70'C)  up to 35mm²

BS6724  LSZH Armoured (SWA) - PVC or thermosetting - (multicore)  up to 240mm²

Apply any Grouping factors, Thermal factors, Ambient temperature, Burial factors etc.

Choose from many cable installation methods as found in the regs book.

Cable size and Disconnection time calculations can be printed or saved as a text file so that you can copy and paste results into reports, 17th edition regulations quoted where possible, actual Calculations, equations and formulas are also shown where possible.
Most of the software's calculations can be added to a "worksheet" and also printed out.

This software is ideal for domestic installers, lite industrial electricians and students,
(this software is an ideal learning aid).
Ability to see the next possible cable size and many other features...

This is a 100% genuine piece of computer software and not some spreadsheet or word document like others are selling.
System requirements:
 Windows 7,Windows 8, Windows 10,
Windows Vista, or
Windows XP - service pack 3,
Internet connection (not needed once software is installed)
Microsoft.NET version 3.5 SP1 - (pre installed on most newer versions of Windows.will be downloaded automatically from microsoft if needed)
(screen size 1024 x 768 minimum)
For Windows 10 users: Right click on the set-up program and select 'Run as Administrator'

Download it for FREE untit further notice......

This software has been written by an electrician for electricians.

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Panel Layout Creator example

Board Layout Creator example

One of  -  if not the 'BEST   - FREE   '  - professional electrical software package on the internet......., don't waste money on expensive software and don't be fooled by cheap alternatives !

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Latest Software Version  = 6.40

Cable-Mate is being continually developed, Future upgrades will be available  free , the software will automatically check to see if an update is available ensuring the software is always up to date.

Last updated -  3rd JAN 2019

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Cable-Mate  Electrical calculation software,
Calculate copper cable sizes fast and easily.

Calculate the correct copper cable size for your electrical installation.
Twin & Earth, SWA, SY-flex, Singles, YY-flex, Flexishield cable types

Cable-Mate   Electrical calculation software,

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Electrical calculation software to BS7671 17th edition regulations inc 1st amendment 2011
Calculate the correct copper cable size for your electrical installation.
Electrical calculation software
Calculate copper cable sizes fast and easily.