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Cable Aid

Cable Aid is an 'easy to use' alternative for the domestic / lite commercial installer who does not need the heavy industrial options available with Cable-Mate.

Cable Aid is a Windows based Computer program to
Calculate Copper Electrical Cable Sizes up to
 to BS7671 2008 17th Edition regulations including
the 3rd amendment 2015
This is a Windows based software package to Calculate Electrical Cable Sizes up to
² which comply with Appendix 4 of BS7671 2008, 3rd Amendment 2015
(this is a computer program and not a spreadsheet)

Suitable for either 110v, 230v or 400v ac supply voltages,
Select from a wide range of protective devices:

BS88   fuses  from  6 amp to 500 amp
BS1361  fuses  from  5 amp to 100 amp
BS3036  fuses  from  5 amp to 100 amp
MCB  (BS EN 60898) from 6 amp to 125 amp  (Types B, C and D)
RCBO      from   6 amp to 125 amp
BS1362  fuses  13 amp
MCCB  (MEM F-Frame)  from   50 amp to 250 amp
MCCB  (Square D SFA -SKA )  from   16 amp to 250 amp
MCCB  (Merlin Gerin NS160)  from   80 amp to 160 amp

MCCB  (Crabtree G-Frame)  from   40 amp to 160 amp

For the following cable types,

Twin & Earth  up to 16mm²

Multicore - PVC or thermosetting  up to 150mm²

Single core - PVC or thermosetting  up to 150mm²

Armoured (SWA) - PVC or thermosetting - (multicore only)  up to 150mm²

Standard Flexible cables  up to 4mm²

Suitable for TNCS, TNS and TT systems,
Apply any Grouping factors, Thermal factors, Buried factors or Ambient temperature.
Choose the cable installation methods as found in the regs book.

The software will CALCULATE VOLT DROP -

(up to 1% MAX FOR SOLAR PV CIRCUITS, 3% MAX FOR LIGHTING CIRCUITS, 5% MAX FOR OTHER CIRCUITS, OR any Value you select up to the Maximum)
he software will automatically select a larger cable cable to satisfy the maximum permited voltdrop.

Calculates R1+R2 Values and ZS Values

Calculates R1+R2 and ZS Values for SWA Cable using the ARMOUR as the CPC

Shows Max permissible Value of Earth Fault Loop Impedance (Zs) for selected device's disconnection times -  0.4 seconds and 5 seconds.

OR 80% Values of MAX Earth Fault Loop Impedance (Zs) for selected device's disconnection times -  0.4 seconds and 5 seconds.

Software then Checks the calculated circuit against these disconnection times.

Shows the minimum Earth CPC size for the calculated cable size

NEW - Ring main design Calculations:  max length ,  Zs  and
 Basic actual cable size Calculations

Board Layout Creator, Visually / Graphically create your Single phase or Three phase consumer unit board. Laminate it and it will make a superb consumer unit schedule to leave with the customer, add it to your test result sheets for a professional look, great for students projects or job design, ability to save and reload layouts.

ALSO Temporary safety signs to print out,
work safely - select and print various safety signs,
(Licenced users only)
just print and laminate, I will add more if enough people find it useful.

Print out Calculations (Licenced users only)
Save Calculations as a text file for use in reports etc (Licenced users only)
Regulations are also quoted where possible on print out.
Great as a learning aid, or for use in projects

This software will also:

Calculate conduit sizes,
Calculate Trunking sizes,
Find maximum clipping distances,
Calculate the minimum cable bend radius,
Calculate conduit and trunking support distances,
Calculate Diversity,
Find SWA cleat and gland sizes,

This is a 100% genuine piece of computer software
written by an Electrician for Electricians

System requirements:
 Windows 7,
Windows 8,
Windows 10,
Windows Vista,
Windows XP - service pack 3
Internet connection
Microsoft.NET version 3.5 SP1 - (pre installed on most newer versions of Windows.will be downloaded automatically from microsoft if needed)
(screen size 1024 x 768 minimum)
Once Cable Aid has been downloaded you will need to Un-Zip the folder, Inside the folder there is a 
 'SET UP' program, double click on this set up program to install Cable Aid.

For Windows 10 users: Right click on the set-up program and select 'Run as Administrator'

Multi computer Licence (valid for two computers) only £9.99

Each different computer will need a separate licence, registration keys are locked to the computer that generated the Product ID code and are not transferable.

Great value for money software package

The software will automatically check for updates and download them from the internet,
all updates are free.

Latest version is: version 3.02

Download and install it now for a free trial of 5 uses, if you like it then purchase a Licence for continual use, If you don't like it then please let me know and just uninstall it.
(for 1% of users, the free Trial period may not function, due to technical reasons)

For more information please email me at support@cableaid.co.uk


purchasing a valid software Licence please ensure that the Cable Aid software is installed on your computer that you intend to use and that you have your unique
code that is generated on the REGISTER page of the software ready,
you will need to enter this in the box provided above the 'BUY NOW' buttons  below,
I need your PRODUCT ID code so that I can send you a REGISTRATION key to unlock the program.

Please click here for information on where to find your Product ID code

Every different computer will need a separate licence, registration keys are locked to the computer
that generated the
Product ID codes and are not transferable.
(The PRODUCT ID code is case sensitive, please take care to ensure you type it correctly)

All future updates / upgrades will be free of charge, the software will automatically check for updates.

Multi Computer LICENCE - ONLY   £
Valid for TWO different computers
Enter your PRODUCT ID code
Payment will be made via PayPal and is secure.
Upon receipt of your payment and Product ID code I will send your REGISTRATION KEY and your invoice to the e-mail address provided, usually within 24 hours but please allow 48 hours.

For the Multi computer LICENCE please send your FIRST Product ID code, the remaining Product ID code can be e-mailed to me when needed, a record will be kept of unused keys.

No refunds can be given on installed software that has been activated, please send me an e-mail if you require more information before buying, or download the software and make use of the five days free trial first.

Cable Aid  Electrical calculation software,
Calculate copper cable sizes fast and easily.

Cable Aid  Electrical calculation software,

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Electrical calculation software to BS7671 17th edition regulations inc 1st amendment 2011
Calculate the correct copper cable size for your electrical installation.
Electrical calculation software
Calculate copper cable sizes fast and easily.