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BOARDS:  Arduino NANO project PCB

Arduino NANO project PCB, pre-soldered with some components to get you started.
If you are looking for an easy to use PCB for your Arduino NANO project then this is perfect for you.

     Additional Spaces to solderPull-up or Pull-down resistors,
    a Infra-Red remote control receiver,
    4 tactile push buttons,
    4 standard 5mm LED's and resistors, 3 GREEN and 1 RED
    5mm common anode RGB LED and resistors,
    a DS18B20 digital temperature sensor and resistor,
    a photocell and resistor,
    Additional Space to solder a bluetooth module and level converter components.
    a DS1307 RTC and its associated components.

I will send you the Arduino NANO project PCB and a CD Rom containing an Arduino  librarys, PCB schematic, sample Arduino code, PDF help sheet.

PRICE: around £20.00