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Other software - Gem's Bingo

Standard UK-90 Ball Bingo and 75 Ball Bingo software

Complete Bingo software package: Random ball selector and Bingo ticket generator/printer. 

All you need to organise and play a game of Bingo,


Latest version 1.12    -  updated 29/6/14

There is a Trial period of 5 program uses so that you can evaluate the program before buying a licence, after 5 uses the program will need a valid registration key to unlock it.

Important: (Please SAVE the download folder to your desktop and fully UNZIP it before clicking on the SETUP program to install the software.) For Windows 10 users: Right click on the set-up program and select 'Run as Administrator'

FOR more information please e-mail me at  support@cableaid.co.uk


Gems Bingo software: Two computer Licence
Please Download and INSTALL the software first, this is for a licence key only.
Enter - Software ID Code

Payment will be made via PayPal and are secure.


Click here for Download Help sheet

Info: Each ball is selected using advanced random software techniques ensuring that each game of bingo is truly unique;
There is the ability to select an alternative screen to show larger numbers so that people can easily the number drawn.
Each ball when drawn is placed in a 'Check Sheet' so that you can easily check back and confirm  a winning shout.

The balls are also shown in the order they are drawn, also the previous ball number and total number of balls drawn so far in the game are displayed.

Caller Voice: The software will look for pre-installed voices that are supplied with Windows and allow you to use them to call out the balls as they are drawn, (Windows Vista and newer have better pre-installed voices), this can be turned OFF if you are going to call your own balls as they are drawn.



This part of the software allows you to generate and print off your own Bingo tickets so that you start to organise your very own game of Bingo right away,
It prints a sheet containing 4 Bingo tickets, each ticket has 15 unique random numbers set out in three rows of 5 and placed in numerical order.

There is also an option to change the background colour if you wish.



For automatic operation, please select the ‘Automatic ball selection’ option on the Setup screen and choose a suitable time between drawing the balls,

When you are ready to start the game, press the START button, the ‘Time to next number’ counter to the right will start to count down, this gives you a visual indication on when the next ball will be drawn, when this reaches 0 the next random ball is automatically drawn and the ‘Time to next number’ counter will start again counting down.  The wording on the button will now show STOP, if you press this button again the game will pause, Press it again and automatic will resume again.

There is the ability to save the game as it is being played in case the computer crashes or power failure during a game, (every attempt and effort has been made to ensure the game will be saved).

There is the ability to re-load the last game if the computer crashed or power failure during a game, search for the filename at the location selected with the ‘Re-Load’ button, and the game will be re-loaded so that when you return to the main menu the game will be there as was left off. IMPORTANT: Each new game will overwrite the old game; if you should need to re-load the last game make sure you do this before starting a new game.


Additional Monitor screen:- If you have the facility to connect two monitors to your PC/Laptop then you can display an alternative screen for the players to see whilst you see the main screen. Connect the additional monitor and select 'Extended Display' from the computers Display settings, and from the Bingo 'setup' screen select the additional screen option. Most modern laptops allow you to easily connect an additional monitor.You can also change the name displayed on this additional screen, you can enter your own name/buisness name (limited to 20 Charachters).

Raffle ticket drawer: Enter a Start ticket serial number and an End ticket serial number, the number of winners you need to select (max of 10 winners) and this program will select them at random, max number is 99999 (5digits).

Kids Bingo: Play Bingo for kids with 50 cartoon animal picures, software includes a Kids Bingo ticket generator/printer.

System requirements:
 Windows 7,Windows 8, Windows 10,
Windows Vista, or
Windows XP - service pack 3,
Internet connection (not needed once software is installed)
  (Any additional files will be downloaded automatically from microsoft if needed direct from the internet)
(screen size 1024 x 768 minimum)

Once Gems Bingo has been downloaded you will need to Un-Zip the folder, Inside the folder there is a  'SET UP' program, double click on this set up program to install Gems Bingo.

For Windows 10 users: Right click on the set-up program and select 'Run as Administrator'
If presented with Windows smartscreen message, click 'Run anyway'

FOR more information please e-mail me at  support@cableaid.co.uk

Gem's Bingo has a limited free trial period so that you can evaluate the software before applying for a registration key.

Each different computer will need a seperate licence, registration keys are locked to the computer that generated the
Product ID code and are not transferable.