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BOARDS:  ST7920 Graphic display PCB

ST7920 Graphic LCD display PCB, complete with display and a custom PCB pre-soldered with components to get you started.

The ST7920 is a 128 X 64 pixel mono Graphic LCD display, White on Blue. Datasheet can easily be found on the internet.
If you are looking for an easy to use graphic display for your Arduino project then this is perfect for you.
The ST7920 display is configured via the PCB for Serial communications and requires only 4 cables to be able to display either text or graphics

Display back-light can be set to permanently ON or can be controlled using an additional Arduino pin.
Additional Space to solder a PIEZO buzzer if required.
Additional space to solder a DS1307 RTC and its associated components.
Additional space to solder 4 tactile push buttons and/or terminals for external switches (not included).
The display fits onto the back of the PCB and can easily be removed for soldering additional components if needed.
RED LED power indicator.
5 volt operation of display and PCB.

I will send you the ST7920 Display, custom Display PCB and a CD Rom containing an Arduino display library, PCB schematic, sample Arduino code, PDF help sheet.

PRICE: around £20.00